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use stock template as fallback

Right now, a site must specify a template. Include HTML5 and XHTML templates, and default to the HTML5 one if a site doesn’t declare its own template.

Also permit a site to override, in site.cfg, to use another template provided by Untitled. For example, an XHTML template.

ditto for site.cfg

Basically, make it so that someone can just make a directory with markdown files in it. The default template would just have a sitemap link on it.

Make sitemap configurable in site.cfg

Right now, it’s turned on by the presence of a file. Make it configurable in site.cfg instead, with it being opt-out, not opt-in.

Use the sitemap.include file if present, otherwise use a default template in untitled.

Optimize mknews and mksitemap

Right now, they take up a lot of execution time. Optimize them, like how the mkhtml function is optimized to minimize disk I/O.

Optimize disk I/O

Right now, most of the execution time in Untitled is disk I/O. Find ways to optimize that, by reducing unnecessary use of disk I/O.

Make BLOGDIR optional

For example, if BLOGDIR isn’t specified, use the first News section found as the BLOGDIR. Right now, BLOGDIR is required, and IMO that’s a bug.

BLOGDIR is specified in site.cfg. You can have multiple blogs / news sections but BLOGDIR specifies the “default” blog. For instance, you might have a blog that is organized by months/years, where the current year is always the default one.

make printf messages come from files

Right now, a lot of messages are hard-coded in the build script.

make messages configurable

For instance, multi-language support, or allow to override with a custom message.

support translated messages

improved language support

Right now, the way multi-language pages work is very hacky, and English-as-default is hardcoded into the logic.

Make the site i18n-compliant. For instance, GNU Gettext could be used (or the site owner could just maintain whole pages that are translated).

Have directories in untitled, for each language. it will have messages for printf’s used, such as links, specify page language, page direction (left to right or right to left), what character encoding to use, etc.

daemonize everything

Could also write a daemon program to detect changes in real time, and update specific pages. Functions would also be needed to selectively update the news and sitemap pages on each site.

It already is possible to do this, by simply running ./build in a loop, but this is very heavy on disk I/O so would cause excessive wear/tear. It also doesn’t scale well on very large websites (think: millions of pages).

Don’t delete pages when re-building

Right now, when site-wide changes are detected, e.g. template change, the entire site is purged clean so that there are only the Markdown files, and it is then re-built. For small websites, this is OK, but very large websites (e.g. millions of pages) would be offline for several hours/days because of this.

See above: daemonize everything!

Fix cursed RSS code

The code is actually not bad, but could be better.

Fix cursed title code

Code for finding title, author and date of pages is very fragile, and BARELY works, and makes precise assumptions about the type of Markdown variant is in use, even though Pandoc supports many variants.

Don’t sed s/md/html on docs

md links are converted to html links, which is correct, but pages that make reference to md files while including the . character will be mangled by this.

The sed replacement is not performed on external links, which is correct, but incomplete.

support tagging

For instance, a page about cats could have the tags:

Then you would have a directory called tag/ automatically generated on the site, with a directory for each tag, e.g.:

Make this feature optional, because it would be quite heavy on disk I/O.

petition pages

Such pages could actually be used for many other purposes. An example of a petition page is here:


This could be very useful in general. For example, the contrib page on this very website could use such a feature!

auto-sort news pages

Right now, a MANIFEST file needs to be present in a news directory. However, a condition where only news.cfg exists could be supported, and pages sorted automatically based on file creation dates (not modification dates).

This would only be a fallback feature, to make the News feature easier to use. The best option is still to use a MANIFEST file.

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