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Untitled has a Git repository hosted here:

The website (including documentation) is hosted here (yes, it’s an Untitled site!):

Development of both software and website are done using the Git version control system. You can freely send patches to either repository, if you wish. If you do not know how to use Git, see:

Make an account on, and send a patch there via Pull Request. The way pull requests work there is very similar interface-wise to what you would see on another popular git hosting site, which we all know about, and will not be named here due to it’s proprietary nature.

Notabug runs on Gogs, which is Free Software.

Alternatively, you can simply send your patch to Leah Rowe directly:

Patches are very much welcome! Look at the tasks page to see ways in which you can contribute code/documentation to the project.

You can also submit bug reports on the codeberg page, linked above.

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