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This page attempts to credit those who make Untitled possible. If you’re not listed here, please say so and your name will be added!

Leah Rowe

Leah is the creator and lead developer of the Untitled multi-site static site generator. Leah is also the founder and lead developer of the following free software projects:

Leah’s personal website is: and has a blog:

Alyssa Rosenzweig

Alyssa was not involved with the creation of Untitled itself, but she wrote the original static site generator that was first used on

That static site generator was forked many times, with different features added, for various websites operated by Leah Rowe. Untitled was created to combine all the features of those forks, so as to consolidate management of each website under one roof: the Untitled multi-site static site generator!

The Libreboot website now uses Untitled.

Without Alyssa’s initial contribution, Untitled would not exist. You can see Alyssa’s website here:

Fun fact: Alyssa also used to be a member of the Libreboot project. You can read her entry on the Libreboot contributors page:

Alyssa is the leader and founder of the Panfrost project, which provides a completely free set of driver code for Mali Txxx and Gxx GPUs. You can see that project here: and the official home page is here:

Pandoc project

Since Untitled relies heavily on Pandoc to generate static HTML pages, it can be said that Untitled would not exist without Pandoc! The official Pandoc website is here:

Markdown file for this page:

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